About us

UAB Transdana was founded in 2019 as a family business. Our team consists of transport sector professionals with more than 20 years of experience.


Transdana aims to become an international and partner-recognized logistics company of high standards and with no fair of commitment. Our activities are inseparable from up-to-date market needs and innovations, as well as the desire to delve into the needs of each client. An important direction of our company development is therefore the search for professional, motivated and reliable employees.

We see ourselves as an important player in the European logistics market, able to operate quickly, reliably and with high value.

Transdana seeks to build relationships with its customers, suppliers and employees based on mutual respect and trust, forming a positive attitude towards the logistics sector and ensuring quality services. We want to be valuable, so we fully understand the importance of clear communication, agreements and commitments.

As a company, we are part of society. It obliges us to treat people, the environment and resources with respect, so we aim to address our customers and employees with a dialogue and mutual satisfaction.

Individual attention to each client
We will discuss your expectations, needs and requirements and will offer the most optimal solution. Our word is firm as a handshake and our deeds prove it. Let this be a promise that we will be of use to you. Because we care about you.

Fast and efficient solutions
We address issues directly, openly and honestly. We value professionalism, mutual trust and the ability to find a compromise. All this, together with clearly defined processes, allows us to achieve quality results. We want to improve and we believe that only by working patiently will we earn the recognition of our customers.

Learning and development
We are constantly interested in market needs and innovations, participate in logistics exhibitions and raise the qualification of our employees.